ALRN 6924-1-05

ALRN 6924-1-05

ALRN 6924-1-05 860 568 Fede Roces

ALRN 6924-1-05: A Phase 1b Clinical Study of the Dual MDMX/MDM2 Inhibitor, ALRN-6924, as a Chemoprotection Agent in Patients with TP53-mutated, HER2 Negative Stage IIa – IIIb Breast Cancer Receiving Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

This clinical study from Aileron Therapeutics, Inc. is a ‘Supportive Care’ study using an investigational drug called ALRN 6924. The purpose of this study is “To investigate the chemoprotective effects of ALRN-6924 on bone marrow toxicity induced by chemotherapy and identify the dose of ALRN-6924 that will result in optimal reduction of bone marrow toxicity”.

As mentioned above, ALRN 6924 is being tested in its’ ability as a chemoprotective agent; a drug meant to reduce the many blood and bone marrow toxicities associated with chemotherapy, as well as hair loss (alopecia). The idea is to reduce these harsh side effects of chemotherapy in order to make it as tolerable as possible for the patient.

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