Enhancing Cancer Treatment with Physical Therapy

At Pennsylvania Cancer Specialists & Research Institute (PCSRI), we believe that physical therapy is an essential component of comprehensive cancer care. By providing personalized rehabilitation programs that address the unique needs of each individual, we strive to empower cancer survivors on their journey to recovery and wellness. With our compassionate care, dedicated therapists, and commitment to excellence, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Our primary goal is to improve the daily function and overall quality of life for cancer survivors. We understand that the journey through cancer treatment can be physically demanding and emotionally taxing. That's why we're dedicated to providing rehabilitation services that address a wide range of symptoms and challenges associated with cancer.

Cancer and its treatments can take a toll on the body, leading to issues such as decline in balance, difficulty walking, fatigue, pain, and weakness. Our customized physical therapy programs are designed to help individuals overcome these challenges and regain strength, mobility, and independence.

From managing lymphedema to alleviating pain and improving mobility, physical therapy plays a vital role in addressing the diverse needs of cancer survivors. Our team of experienced therapists utilize a variety of modalities and techniques to tailor treatment plans to each individual's specific symptoms and goals.

Lymphedema, characterized by swelling and fluid accumulation, is a common concern for cancer survivors, particularly those who have undergone surgery or radiation therapy. Our therapists are trained in specialized techniques to effectively manage and treat lymphedema, helping patients improve circulation, reduce swelling, and enhance overall comfort and function.

Exercise is a cornerstone of our rehabilitation approach, offering numerous benefits for cancer survivors. Regular physical activity can help reduce chemo brain, combat fatigue, improve balance, and enhance overall quality of life. Our therapists work closely with patients to develop tailored exercise programs that address their individual needs and preferences.


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